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Clip Web Pages Automatically to Evernote

If you are already a heavy user of Evernote, PurpleRails can enhance your Evernote experience. If you don’t use Evernote, not to worry, PurpleRails hasn’t lost any mojo.

Evernote is a great system to keep your thoughts and documents organized. But it requires manual curation: you explicity save web pages (or "clip web pages" in Evernote’s parlance) to your Evernote account.

When we read web articles, we frequently get lost in thought and forget to save them. PurpleRails is a great system because it automatically saves web pages, so you can find articles later even if you forget to save them.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if such Evernote users could get the best of both worlds: search for previously-read articles from within Evernote’s interface (because that’s already familiar to them) and also get rid of the hassle of manually clipping web pages.

PurpleRails can now automatically clip (save) web pages to a linked Evernote account. This is how it works: As usual, the page is saved with images and layout in your PurpleRails account. In addition though, a condensed version of the page containing the important text of the page (similar to the "Reader View" of Apple’s Safari browser) is saved to the linked Evernote account.

The cool thing is that all this happens in the background, unobtrusively. No need to manually clip web pages to your Evernote account.

You magically gain the ability to search all the articles you’ve read from within Evernote even if you didn’t explicity save them. If the condensed page contains the information you need, you’re all set. If not, simply click the link within to view the exact snapshot containing images and layout that’s saved in your PurpleRails account.


As in everything we do, this feature has been implemented with the utmost respect for your privacy. The text of articles is saved directly to Evernote from your web browser. PurpleRails servers never even gets the text of the article.

However, since Evernote doesn’t support end-to-end encryption, the article’s text is available in plaintext on Evernote’s servers.

Recall that PurpleRails does implement end-to-end encryption, so the the version saved on PurpleRails' servers is fully encrypted, in such a manner that only you can decrypt it.

Happy reading!

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