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  1. PurpleRails Loves Writers

    posted on 28 February 2015 by Ranga

    It’s obvious why PurpleRails is useful to avid readers: it automatically keeps track of articles for later recall. But it can be a useful tool in a writer’s toolbox too.

    TLDR: We don’t remember every detail from the articles and books we read and that’s OK ...

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  2. Personal Web Page Archiving and Encrypted Bookmarks

    posted on 22 January 2015 by Ranga

    If you read a lot on the web or off, you probably experience is quite often: you recall an article that you read a few days, weeks or years ago and want to consult it again or pass it on to a friend. But you just can’t find it ...

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  3. Encrypted Bookmarks using PurpleRails

    posted on 21 January 2015 by Ranga

    Would you like to encrypt your bookmarks? PurpleRails can do that.

    PurpleRails can save an exact copy of web pages as you read them, in addition to links to the pages. By adding some logic to disable just the saving of the exact copy, we created the nice functionality of ...

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  4. Omnibox Sends Searches to Prediction Service

    posted on 17 November 2014 by Ranga

    The upcoming version of PurpleRails will feature omnibox integration. If you type "purp" and then a space, your search terms will be used to do a search on your PurpleRails pages. This saves a click when searching.

    However, there’s a privacy downside I want people to be aware of ...

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  5. Strong Encryption Protects Your Privacy

    posted on 16 November 2014 by Ranga

    We think your privacy and the confidentiality of your data are a big deal. We use strong encryption to achieve these goals. Saved pages are encrypted with your password on your own computer before being synchronized with the cloud. Hence, only your computers can decrypt your data.

    "Strong encryption" is ...

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  6. Extension Says You’re Not Logged In

    posted on 31 August 2014 by Ranga

    If the PurpleRails server is brought down for an upgrade, the extension will tell you by using an "ERR" label in its icon that there was an error reaching the PurpleRails server. However, even after the PurpleRails server becomes available, the extension may continue to insist that the server is ...

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  7. Major Upcoming Update to Search

    posted on 01 August 2014 by Ranga

    Version 1.125 of Purple Rails will contain big improvements to the search functionality. It should be faster and better.

    The bad news is that the new technique is incompatible with the old technique. So the Purple Rails extension has to rebuild the index of all your saved pages. This ...

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  8. Using Cryptography to Improve Website Performance

    posted on 01 August 2014 by Ranga

    TLDR: Using a MAC instead of a checksum is a simple workflow modification that enables us to force the refetching of long-cached resources if required. Such forced refetching might be desirable if wrong headers were sent with the original response.

    Content checksum based URL fingerprints

    Incorporating a content checksum into ...

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  9. Version 1.123 of PurpleRails Released

    posted on 25 July 2014 by Ranga

    Version 1.123 of the PurpleRails extension for Chrome has been released to the Chrome web store. You’ll automatically receive it when your browser updates extensions.

    You can now search from the popup that opens when you click the PurpleRails icon next to the address bar. It’s pretty ...

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  10. Bugfix: All Users Will Need To Login Again

    posted on 04 July 2014 by Ranga

    The feature that lists all your other sessions wasn’t working properly as the usage of PurpleRails has increased. We disabled that feature while we work on a fix. You might have seen this note on your home screen:

    List my sessions not working

    We think it’s an important aspect of security and privacy ...

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  11. Version 1.122 of Chrome Extension Released

    posted on 04 July 2014 by Ranga

    We made a couple of minor changes to reduce server load. Basically, unless the user can successfully logged in, attempts to synchronize the local search index with remote list of pages will fail.

    The extension will now not attempt to synchronize the index if the user hasn’t logged in ...

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  12. Autosave of Pages Enabled By Default

    posted on 06 June 2014 by Ranga

    We made such a massive improvement to this version of the extension that we thought we should inform you about it when you update the extension.

    TLDR: Automatic saving of pages is now enabled by default.

    Customer research showed us that automatically saving text-only or with-images versions of pages is ...

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  13. Saving Passwords: Why We Haven’t Enabled It

    posted on 23 January 2014 by Ranga


    Purple Rails tries to be as secure and private as possible. Recall that all your data is encrypted with your password before being uploaded (actually, an encryption token derived from your password is used to encrypt your data). Also recall that when you login our servers need to authenticate ...

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  14. A Cool Use for Page Sharing

    posted on 21 January 2014 by Ranga

    I’ve been using page sharing to get feedback on draft version of this blog’s articles.

    I don’t use anything fancy like Wordpress to run my blog. I use the Pelican toolkit to generate a static version of the blog and serve it as plain old files. I ...

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  15. Page Sharing

    posted on 14 January 2014 by Ranga

    You can now share your saved pages over email/IM etc!

    I’ve frequently noticed that I want to forward a page I’ve saved to others. Until now, there wasn’t a good solution for this.

    The new page sharing feature solves this problem. You make a publicly-available copy ...

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  16. Purple Rails Scores an A on SSL Labs

    posted on 13 January 2014 by Ranga

    Purple Rails works exclusively over SSL, which is a browser-level encryption and authentication protocol that works "below" Purple Rails' own encryption. There many ways to configure websites' support for SSL, some more secure than others.

    I am happy to report that Purple Rails continues to maintain the highest score of ...

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  17. A More Secure Way to Show Saved Pages

    posted on 01 January 2014 by Ranga

    To enhance privacy, all javascript on saved pages is removed before the page is shown. I discovered that there’s an even better way to ensure this: the IFRAME sandbox attribute.

    Now, in addition to removing the javascript, we use a sanboxed IFRAME which directs the browser to disable Javascript ...

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  18. DNSSEC Enabled for

    posted on 24 December 2013 by Ranga

    Purple Rails works exclusively over SSL, which uses certificates to ensure that you are indeed visiting the Purple Rails web site. I recently enabled DNSSEC for the domain.

    Most programs such as web browsers do not yet support DNSSEC validation, so this is a proactive change to ensure ...

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