Automatically Save and Search Every Article You Read

Encrypted and Private!

Easily find articles you've read before. Automatically bookmark web articles: don't interrupt yourself to manually save them one by one. Strong encryption protects your privacy: keep others' noses out of what you read. Now with automatic bookmarking to Evernote.


PurpleRails is a browser app that automatically saves and indexes articles as you read them. You'll never have to bookmark a page manually again. PurpleRails is unobtrusive: just install it and forget it. To find an article again, just type a few words to get a list of intelligently ranked pages.


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Here's a one-minute video of PurpleRails in action:

Our intelligent algorithms take care of figuring out whether a page is an article, ignoring pages like bank statements.

Encrypted and private: Your pages are encrypted with your password. Only you can decrypt them, nobody else. We go the extra mile to foil mass surveillance.

Easy-to-use Search: It's much easier to find articles again, since PurpleRails knows what you've read and only searches those pages. Treats all pages equally, unlike web search engines that favor newer pages.

A Saved Page is Forever: Saved pages contain all images and layout, and work even if the original goes away.

Multi-computer sync: simply install on all your computers, PurpleRails keeps them all in sync. Pages viewed on any computer available on all.

No maintenance: Pages are backed up to the cloud. No worries when you get a new computer.

Needs only a browser: No native app to install. Works within your browser's secure sandbox.

Unobtrusive: Works in the background. Doesn't interrupt you, intelligently saves articles.

Share pages: Saved pages can be shared with people (even those who aren't yet PurpleRails users). Very useful for fair-use personal sharing of articles.

Evernote junkie? Purplerails can sync articles to your Evernote account, so you can search Purplerails' articles in the Evernote app too, if you prefer that interface.

Tagging and notes: Attach hashtags and notes to saved articles.

Thumbnail page previews save time when searching saved articles.

How it Works

PurpleRails is a browser app that works in the background while you browse. As you read an article, it automatically and unobtrusively makes a full copy of the page, including images and formatting, so you'll have the article even if the original disappears. Learn more.

Works with Google Chrome and Chromium on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chromebooks.

Strong Encryption Protects Your Privacy

We think your privacy and the confidentiality of your data are a big deal. We use strong encryption to achieve these goals. Page content is saved directly from your computer, and saved pages are encrypted with your password on your own computer before being synchronized with the cloud. Hence, only you can decrypt your data. This architecture exceeds the industry standard for security and privacy. See the blog article for more details.

PurpleRails works entirely within your browser's strict, secure sandbox; there's no standalone application to install. The browser sandbox prevents the extension from accessing any files on your computer except its own.

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